The idea…​​

  • Motivate girls and teenagers to learn and use technology in their current activities.​
  • Show them the power of learning programing.
  • Prompt them to make a change in their communities through the results that  they can get by creating solutions  based on Low Code tools.​
  • Inspire them to learn, create and share content about Microsoft tools​.
  • Encourage them to become the Technical Women of the future.​

Only 10% of Microsoft MVPs in America are Women​.

SOME paradigms that we want to fight

You don´t need to be a man to study technology.​

You can use Microsoft tools in your daily work activities, despite you are not a technical guy.​

You can start to learn technology anytime.​


Leomaris Reyes​​

Microsoft MVP

Student Team Lead at @Platzi | Founder of Stemelle | Speaker | Software Developer | Content Creator | Dominican Republic

Fátima Blancas

Microsoft MVP

BusinessWomanIT | CEO @iTProve | Founder @Office365Academia |Co-founder @W-VoIT | CTO @CLdV_Oficial | Mexicana

Glauter Jannuzzi

Microsoft MVP Community Leader for Latin America

People incentivator| Professor, author of Tech Ready, Human Skills y O Poder do PeopleChain | Constructor de comunidades | Fundador de @infinitatitude | Emprendedor social, mentor y escritor de best sellers